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Holiday Man ~ reviews

Reviews and Praise for Holiday Man

"As I finished this story [3 am Thursday morning!] the one word that bubbled in my mind as I tried to encompass everything within it was ‘honest’.

Make no mistake, there are many more like, hot; sensual; funny; entertaining; warm…romantic. But somehow the word HONEST was the first to pop into my head. Ms. Brant had created these two characters with honesty of who they are within their vastly different upbringings.

Everything in Shannon’s life involved and revolved around the legacy that was left in her keeping. She accepted it with love and dedicated herself to making sure she didn’t disappoint anyone, her new patrons and her regular guests; her friends and employees. In pleasing everyone and making sure that the Inn thrived she neglects her love life and all other dreams are left on the back-burner to be dealt with sometime down the road. Except that ‘down the road’ line keeps moving further and further. I really, really liked her. She was such a sweetheart and totally relatable character.

Bram, our hero, was one of those men that finally starts to see the fruits of his labor. As the CEO of his company, he was very much a ‘hands on’ man and never left anything to chance. He belonged to the family of overachievers and workaholics, so the good and bad habits were in his genes. His love life suffered greatly because of them and his globetrotting.

As these two lonely people meet and consequently embark on an affair, the author is clever in throwing them a curve ball of reality, and that’s where I felt the honesty of a real life and real problems and insecurities intrude into their life and bringing this story closer to the reader.

The chemistry that the author created between the two was raw and sizzled throughout the story. For that alone, this is one worthy read!

For me, a very surprising moment came almost at the end of the book, and it will stay in my memory for ever. I hate giving spoilers, but I’ll give you a hint…I am Serbian." ~Melanie, Bookworm2Bookworm


"In the Holiday Man, the holidays sizzle in this cute, sexy read! I love it when the characters have that chemistry...when there fingers touch, and they feel that tingle. Shannon and Bram have that special magic between them, and they are naturally drawn together... It is a fun, quick read, and I read it in one afternoon!" ~Candy, So Little Time


"Their attraction is intense, the chemistry between them is electrifying, and their romantic interludes are full of fervent passion...but is that enough to make a serious relationship successful???

I greatly enjoyed witnessing the journey of Shannon's and Bram's relationship as they both realize that theirs wasn't merely a vacation romance. It was interesting to see how two people from different worlds, living in different towns, and desiring very different futures strive to make a long-term relationship work. I also greatly enjoyed observing how Shannon's flirtatious assistant, Jake Marcolis, or as Bram affectionately calls him, “Jake the Prick,” was a source of tension and discord in their relationship. Does Jake have real feelings for Shannon or is he just wary about men like Bram???

Oh! How I love Marilyn Brant's heroes! Whether they are provoking and over-confident like Sam Blaine (According to Jane), challenging and complex like Emerson Edwards (A Summer in Europe), or passionate and magnetizing like Bram Hartwick (Holiday Man), I immediately fall for them in just a few chapters! Bram Hartwick is delicious; not only will he curl your toes, but he will melt your heart too!

Festive, light, and hot – Holiday Man is a terrific and engaging contemporary romance to spend an evening with!" ~Meredith, Austenesque Reviews


"I have yet to encounter a novel by Marilyn Brant that I have not either simply enjoyed or altogether loved. With each story, I am impressed at how well scenes are described and how easily I am transported to them. Adding to my sensory experience, Brant seamlessly finds a way to incorporate music and food into each novel... Holiday Man is a hot, quick, and titillating read, sure to keep one warm during these long, cold winter months." ~Jakki, Leatherbound Reviews


"Kindle bestseller Brant is back with another e-book exclusive that is bound to charm readers far and wide! She introduces us to Door County, Wisconsin, an unexpected place to find love, and welcomes bookworms with open arms to Holiday Quinn where there's always a vacancy. The sincere connection between the main characters will be warmly embraced and it's understood why the author mentions that 'romance is never convenient'." ~Jaime A. Geraldi, InD'tale Magazine (a 2012 RONE Award Contestant)


Holiday Man
Twelfth Night Romance Books
Ebook Exclusive
November 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9893-1602-6

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